first post

this is it. i have succumbed to the perilous mechanism that is being a youngster in today’s society and you are my witness. this is my blog.

i attend artcenter college of design. its my final semester and i cant wait to start being a real live boy again…

here are some images of the work i did last term. most of it is from a publishing class. some from a watercolor concepts

class. all in all, it was a semester of growth and re-evaluation. good stuff.

adapted storyadapted storypersonal projectpersonal projectpersonal project

About bill main

I moved my blog to
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4 Responses to first post

  1. creepazoid420 says:

    those watercolor drawings look like real photographs to me from really far away (or shrunk like in the thumbnails). cool shit man. any cooler and i’d have to lick the frosting off my lcd screen.

  2. bill main says:

    I love you~~~~ Love me!

    Me as in….Christina-lina.

  3. drewbeckmeyer says:

    got you a link, dear friend.

  4. repsils says:

    im proud of beeing family.
    – Hanne.
    (do you know that gløgg is a norwegian christmas drink?)

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