We’ve Been Here Before


My ever-increasing obsession with the original Star Trek has begun to come to a head…

I used to hate watching that show. seriously, i would watch That’s Incredible with Fran Tarkenton from the Vikings and then as soon as it was over, Star Trek would come on. It would ruin my adrenaline high that came from watching old men dragging the Goodyear blimp by the teeth almost immediately. Granted I was only 8 years old but it was still tragic.

Fast forward to the present. Star Trek is the only thing on at 6 in the morning worth watching. Maybe it takes being forced to do things you don’t like to find things you love because i am in love with this show now. Its a pretty campy presentation but the ideals and hopes of a nation on the brink of the Vietnam War are exhibited pretty well. Anyway, I am a nerd…

but i’m not a trekkie. i lie to myself to make me feel better.


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One Response to We’ve Been Here Before

  1. captain jason says:

    I love your nerdum

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