Star Wars Mural

I got a job assisting a family friend who owns her own custom mural business. Its pretty fun. I just get to practice painting all day. Right now, we are just finishing three huge Star Wars paintings for a five year old kid’s bedroom. She had painted the backgrounds and one of the characters but got swamped with other work so i stepped in to finish them up.

The first one is going over his bed. I am going to add some more guys to it in the morning and make the dust trails off the bikes look cooler. thats a technical term…cooler.


The second one is going to have glow in the dark paint on the light saber so he gets freaked out and has nightmares. It’ll be great.


The final painting is good old R2D2 and C3P0. Notice 3P0’s gentle caress of his robotic lovah.


here are the paintings after they were finished…


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