I recently went through a sketchbook of mine and found that I have a bunch of drawings that I 1. dont know what to do with… or 2. aren’t resolved enough to be called finished.

I decided therefore, to place them before your lovely, waiting eyes and brains. Feel free to comment

1.This weirdo was working out in the Airport. He kept yelling at me, saying that he couldn’t believe more people werent using their time spent waiting for planes to board as work out time. He also told me he was an artists’ agent and would love to work with me. I was appropriately leery


2. Another airport drawing, this well-kept middle-aged flight attendant, whom most likely was used to being called a stewardess, was unhappily watching two other much younger flight attendants go on about the captains of various planes they had worked with. She was visibly annoyed, yet when prompted by the two girls to interject into the conversation, she was nothing but polite.

3. Veteran’s Day at Pearl Harbor was pretty interesting. There were a bunch of veterans of the attack walking around. This gentleman looked very lost in thought. I imagined that he was upset. Really only because I was a little upset at the general lack of solemnity from the people that were walking around. I can’t pinpoint any of the things that people said, but I do remember this group of rude middle-aged women who kept smacking their bubble gum as they cracked jokes about the “touristy” Japanese people who were studying some of the artifacts. It struck as kind of terrible.

Yay letters. Just wanted to contrast some different lettering. It isn’t a strong suit so I constantly try to write with a brush to get a better handle on it. Fun

Again, just playing with some type…

I felt the need to end with a young Tom Petty just being cool with his oversized, 70’s glasses.

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