Norwegian Wilderness

According to certain bits of Norwegian folklore, the wilderness can be a very dangerous place to go. Unwitting forest travelers have, according to legend, become the tasty lunch for some of the wilderness wildlife. Notably, Trolls are often the culprit of this most unsavory lunchtime behavior. Trolls can disguise themselves as many of the different animals dwelling within the limits of the forest but are quite content to be mistaken as trees or even mountains. So, next time youre in the hills hiking, you may want to think twice about sitting under the shade of the old oak tree…

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7 Responses to Norwegian Wilderness

  1. Dave says:

    very cool illustrations. I love the composition and style

  2. jizogarden says:

    lovely piece..I too believed the woods were full of unseen beings…for me it was fairies, leprechauns, manticores, countless wonders ^. .^

  3. shirley says:

    Wow…such a beautiful contrast..great work!

  4. Rui Sousa says:

    Fantastic work, excellent interpretation of the theme of the week!
    Would be happy to invite you to visit my site

    If you have time you can also see my idea on the theme of the week

    Thank you and greetings

    Rui Sousa

  5. heidialdin says:

    Beautiful work. Those wacky Norwegians!

  6. mikebertino says:

    i love the black and white panels. time to do some comics i think! miss you honey… let’s get together!

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