So, you’re in love…

…and its almost Valentine’s Day. Whats that you say? She doesn’t even know you exist? You Facebook stalk her—what? OK, you shouldn’t do that. You should buy one of my awesome cards and send it to her. That’s way more culturally acceptable and exponentially less creepy.


I’m pretty excited to have one of my greeting cards featured in an upcoming Valentine’s Day photo shoot. It will be styled by Lynn of Sunshowers and Rainshine and photographed by the talented Jodi Miller of Jodi Miller Photography. Also, my lovely and tremendously talented wife will have some of her edible cupcake and cake decorations featured as well. Find her blog here: Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe and buy some of her creations here.

I really feel blessed to work with these guys and it was a complete pleasure to create the cards for them.

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