Jodi Miller Photography

Recently, I had the pleasure to work with a really talented team of photographers on a Valentine’s Day engagement photo shoot. I created a custom greeting card that was used  as a prop.

Well it turns out that Jodi and Kurt of Jodi Miller Photography liked the work I did for them. Thats great for me because they asked me to create a new logo and branding for their company! I was really amazed. I really appreciate their work and I always jump at the opportunity to work for or with other creative people I admire. So we got to work creating a look for their company that included a new logo, with a few variations, a pattern that they could use for their blog background, website, and a couple vintage style cameo graphics. It was a really fun process and we think the style reflects their warm, Romantic, “another-era” inspired theme. Here’s the work and here is their blog!

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