Three Decades Old!

So a funny this happened this past Friday. I turned 30!

If that’s the main point, the side point is this: My wife is awesome AND she wanted to throw a party for me. She came to me a few weeks back and said, “Baby, I want you to have a party that you will have fun at.” Truthfully, I can have fun basically anywhere. BUT if I’m having my choice of things to do or places to go for a birthday celebration, I usually find myself having a hard time thinking of what to do. So after a lot of  deliberation (themed parties, non themed parties, out of town trips, dinners out) we decided on what would ultimately be The Awesomest Birthday Party Ever. If I may be so bold.
Retro-Video Game Bash!

Here is the invitation to the party ripped from the title splash from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. I designed all the text areas to resemble all the text in the original game. I have my location of party in place of the “World 1-1”, my actual birth date in place of points, any additional info in place of the 1 or 2 player mark, etc. I even made a blonder more handsome Mario…to resemble myself, of course.
I liked the invitations so much that I decided to offer custom versions on my Etsy store for others to buy.
My wife is pretty creative and she instantly had ideas for every decoration we wanted to put up. She adores these types of flag banners and thought it would be a cool addition to our party. I found a classic arcade font courtesy of and got to workin’.
Again, working as Art Director, my wife had another idea to have Pac-Ghosts “flying” on one of the walls in the form of another banner. The nice thing about 8-bit art is its simplicity. These things look rad from far away as well as close up.

The one banner she just couldn’t live without was a set of Link’s life hearts from The Legend of Zelda. I loved these once they were hanging up, and it was cool to see people’s reactions as well.

I had been following brakbudy’s store on Etsy and was stoked when my wife thought they’d make great party favors for our guests. I didn’t even think about it, but having them at the party turned out to be an awesome parting gift.
WHAT?! Yes that is Mike Tyson, from Punch-Out with his new face tattoo!

It was fun going through all these old graphics from video games, pulling out stuff I could use and rearranging the elements to make my own favor labels for my wife to use in her project.
These Bob-Ombs from the Super Mario games were little sippy cups first. We saw them one day while at Target. I just painted them black and added the white eye balls. Then we decided that since we were going to include games and tournaments at the party, these would make perfect prizes to win. My wife slipped them inside these bags and added the labels I made.
The winner even received a piece of art in their prize bag as well.
Our cat decided to pose next to the raffle page because she’s a ham.
I wanted Christina’s version of her Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes but in cake form. In case you don’t already know, she has her own baking blog and it’s radical.

When my wife wanted me to make her what they call, cake bunting flags, I thought it would be funny to have Glass Joe from Punch-Out on there…because…well…he’s the lamest.
Meatloaf Sliders with Spicy Marinara
Mushroom Pancetta Crostata
Mini Curried Chicken Sandwiches with Arugula and Caprese Skewers

Bane of Belmont and 1-Up!
We tried to come up with clever names for our drinks, but all I could muster up was The Bane of Belmont (from Castlevania) and 1-Up! (from every video game ever invented).
My wife hand made every single food item and specialty drink! Very delicious.

A thing of beauty.

The party was a hit!

I ended the night fat and happy.
All photos taken are courtesy of my lovely wife, Christina.

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