Sometimes Being Super Isn’t All Its Cracked Up To Be…

After all the video game madness that was going on in my life these past couple of weeks, I couldn’t help but be inspired or infected by the video game bug.

I always remember when we first got our Nintendo Entertainment System. My brother and I would stay up as late as we could trying to beat Super Mario Bros. I’ve talked to people now, being an adult, about their experience playing this game. Apparently we just sucked. I say that because almost everyone I’ve talked to has beaten the game, and I…still have not. I just have visions of Mario running as fast as he possibly could in World 8, dodging Bullet Bills, swooping on Hammer Brothers, and ultimately falling into a pit. Every single turn.

So when I think of video game characters now, those same frustrations still resonate. I try and imagine how Mario would look if he was an actual Italian plumber sucked into a world of magic mushrooms, angry reptiles, and gold coins everywhere. Like, there was so much gold in the Mushroom Kingdom. But realistically in light of the many many traps and perilous dangers that faced Mario, I really doubt that gold was all that important to him. Even if, by collecting 100 pieces, he got one more shot at trying his luck and most likely dying in a pit.

So here’s Mario the way I see him. A little uneasy, maybe a little irritated…but still quite the colorful guy.

You can purchase a print of this guy at my Etsy shop!

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