I’m on PaletteSwap

PaletteSwap is an awesome art blog where artists are invited to re-interpret video game box art in their own way. I found it through the equally fantastic Covered blog.

Rusty Shackles at PaletteSwap was kind enough to incorporate my submission as part of the blog.

I chose to Pswap the video game Bad Dudes vs Dragoninja aka Bad Dudes. The original game centers on two fighters who have to defend our country from an onslaught of violent ninjas bent on world domination. Awesome. I played this game every chance I could whether it was in an arcade or on my Nintendo at home. I chose to re-interpret the Nintendo console version of the box art as its the one I was most familiar with.


My interpretation:

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One Response to I’m on PaletteSwap

  1. Leann says:

    This is too funny

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