Alley cats

I’m sure we’ve all had a noisy neighbor. Perhaps you, like me, are one of the lucky ones  who has not only a noisy neighbor- but a noisy, drug-dealing, fist-fighting, 5-in-the-morning-music-playing neighbor. No? Well then indulge me for a moment.

I have never thought for even a second that I’d be one of the people in a neighborhood that stands to the side of the front window and peeks out at the goings-on. It turns out that I am. I have a neighbor who has the craziest group of old man friends I’ve ever seen. Bikers, gang banger typesThese guys meet up every week and have parties out of the garage. I’d venture to say that at the height of any shindig they are having, there are at least twenty sweaty dudes in the alley. A list of some of the party games you say? Sure! Well let’s see, theres peeing on the blue recycling trash on the side of the apartment complex, vomiting in the black “regular trash” can (vomit is clearly not recyclable.) Music being PUMPED on their radio. Oh- I can’t forget the blood curdling screams during football games. Loud? Yes, its loud.

But truth be told, its kind of fun and I really do like watching them act like crazies.

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2 Responses to Alley cats

  1. Gosh, makes me feel almost normal. I really enjoyed the painting. Just another Saturday night…

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