Halloween PaletteSwap

Well happy Halloween everybody!

As if looking forward to eating all the fun size candy bars that are left over from the kids that didn’t come trick-or-treating wasn’t good enough…you get to look at spooky themed art too? Wow, what a great life you have. Honestly though, why do they call those things “fun size?” It’s way more fun to eat the jumbo Snickers than the tiny baby size one. That’s what they should call em…Tiny Baby Loser Size Snickers. But I digress.

The very talented Rusty Shackles over at PaletteSwap, has put together an awesome scary video game themed PSwap on his site. Please visit the site and check out the other entries. I chose Evil Dead because I really just wanted to draw Bruce Campbell and monsters. This…is my BOOM STICK.


Also, here is a direct link to my submission.

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