Illustration Friday – Vanity

As usual, there was a Friday last week. Unlike most Fridays however, where I get an Illustration Friday email with a subject prompt for drawing- I actually used it this week. The drawing prompt was “Vanity.”

I thought it fitting to illustrate the evil queen from Snow White. She was so in love with her own beauty that she didn’t bat an eyelash at the thought of hiring a guy from the forest to carve out a little girl’s heart just because said little girl happened to be a little prettier than her. I imagine that her magic mirror on the wall was framed by the skulls of other beautiful people that had the un-luck of being born as vassals in her kingdom.

I haven’t worked exclusively in Photoshop for a really long time and so doing this piece was a re-learning experience. Due to other projects and various Thanksgiving time wrangling, I wasn’t able to get to the actual drawing board and then scan a physical drawing. The result is a little different than what I normally produce but I suppose that’s what Illustration Friday is all about- experimenting.

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4 Responses to Illustration Friday – Vanity

  1. Ah, the evil queen from Snow White is the epitome of vanity indeed!

  2. Patty says:

    This is amazing!!

  3. Cindy D. says:

    Yes, IF is great for experimenting! You did a great job with this, so much going on but nicely executed. (I’m sure you’re right about the skulls.)

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