Sega PaletteSwap!

PaletteSwap, which is (to me), the equivalent of the grown-up version of hanging out with your 5th grade classmates and redrawing video game box art (only 300% cooler), is doing a Sega art jam this month. Aside from my horrible use of commas and parentheses in that sentence, I hope that made sense. What I mean to say is this: if you like video games, art, illustrators, creativity, humor, or supporting awesome people, then you should go look at the site and tell the artists how cool their stuff is. After all, artists like being liked.

At any rate, I threw my hat into the pool of artists doing their interpretation of Sega video games. My wife used to play the game Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and when I told her I was going to draw a game from the Genesis console she mildly demanded that I start with that one. So here is my version with the old box art to go with it.


My interpretation:

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