Masters of the Brewniverse

I’ve said before that my day job is as a sign artist for Trader Joe’s. I usually don’t share things I do there because they are typically not the most visually interesting things in the world. There’s only so many ways to spin how delicious Fuji apples are. But seriously, they are pretty delicious. At any rate, I was talking to a co worker who writes the beer order and we decided that he needed some type of point of purchase display for beers that he thought should stick out of the crowd. I told him that if any section in a grocery store could play up the tongue in cheek aspect, it was definitely the beer section. So we decided that our POP display should have very little to do with the actual product. The beers rotate from month to month so the display couldn’t be something specific.

Side note: we constantly have battles of pop culture/useless trivia and that definitely informed our decision to make what we made.

We decided to go with the title scene from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. If you aren’t familiar, He-Man stands in front of Castle Grayskull and calls out, “I have the POWER!” Um, in a word, awesome. Here is a shot of that.

In place of He-Man, I used the section order writer with a frosty mug of brew in his paw. Almost equally as buff as He-Man, he serves as a bastion of beer-y goodness near a see of two buck chuck.

A detail of Colten the beer man.

Since the sign is set on the end of a low wine shelf, people will be seeing it from behind also. Couldn't go having a naked sign backside now could we?

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