I made the most ridiculous thing I could think of.

When I’m trying to come up with ideas for stuff to draw or paint, I end up writing down a bunch of different stuff. Some good, a lot of bad. I usually just write them all down and try not to edit the list until I’m done.

That’s the usual process.

Sometimes something so dumb and awesome strikes you that there is no way you cannot make it. Such is the story of my new greeting card. It went something like this:

Bill: Hey Bill, what would be a cool birthday card?

Bill: How about the Predator looking all awesome and holding a friggin’ cake?

Bill: Yes. That’s it dude.

Bill: Cool bro, glad I could help.

Yeah, that’s pretty much how it happened. Thanks for indulging me as I played that out for you. It makes me warm and tingly inside when you listen. Without further delay, here is my new card. It is available to purchase at my Etsy shop.

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2 Responses to I made the most ridiculous thing I could think of.

  1. Nice. It could say, “Happy Birthday, you ugly mofo!” (That’s from the movie.)

    • bill main says:

      Haha I thought that too! I can hear him saying it but I wanted it to be a little on the nicer side. Plus, I feel like there’s something weird and desperate about him screaming that he made a cake. 🙂

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