Hulkamania is runnin’ wild

I used to think that Hulk Hogan was a super hero. Like, a living, breathing comic book character. I think that was the appeal of WWF, ahem WWE, when I was little. I started reading comics super early so I was accustomed to vivid colors, bright costumes and ridiculous storylines all being a part of my entertainment.
My dad would flip on pro wrestling and it was the same kind of imagery so I was hooked. I’d always root for the face(the good guy) to beat the heel(the bad guy) in every match. I remember getting super stressed out when the match would turn in favor of the heel. However, in the late 80’s, matches would typically end with the good guy pulling out a victory at the last moment.
To me, nobody did this better than the Hulkster. Hogan would just get brutalized by the end of the match. But at the right moment he would summon the power of the Hulkamaniacs as their chants would revive him from whatever beating he had received. He would continue to get pummeled by his adversary but the punches and kicks he took would have no effect. Hogan would shake them off and start stomping around the ring like a wildman. The performance would reach a fever pitch when he would body slam them(turning the most basic of moves into a spectacle), whip the guy into the ropes and deliver the Big Boot to his face. He’d finish up by landing a running leg drop for the victory.
So to get to the point…Hulk Hogan may be getting beat up but he’s gonna come back and dominate.
To make that point clear(at least to myself) I decided to paint a ridiculous painting of him. I could say that this painting is allegorical. That the aged wrestler is painted as his younger, former self…and that the birthday cake is a symbol of our collective, conscious demarcation of the years passing and therefore an announcement of our own impending death. I could say that the violent destruction of the dessert is a metaphor for our resistance to the idea of our own passing and the struggle against it. I could say that but in the end it’s still a picture of Hulk Hogan smashing the crap out of a cake.

Let your friends know that you don’t want them to die and in turn, wish them a happy birthday. You can purchase one of these cards here.


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