Captain America with a bit of process

Hello my peoples.

I recently worked on an interpretative illustration of Captain America Comics #1. The Covered blog is one of my favorite stops on the web and I have had work on there before. For those who do not know, Covered is a blog where artists will pick a particular comic book cover and reinterpret it in their own way. The original painting was actually for my brother’s birthday present. As a little boy, he used to think he really was Captain America and he’d run around throwing his imaginary shield and making punching sound effects with his mouth. Let me make a note here, every little boy I have ever met has known the proper way to make a punch sound effect. If you are a man, you’ve probably already made it by the end of this sentence just to make sure you haven’t forgotten how to do it. Yup, still sounds awesome.

Here are some process shots of the painting…

First, I mock up the drawing using my initial sketch as reference. At this point, all I’m concerned about is value. After this I tighten up my drawing.

Next I transferred the drawing and started inking her up. I like to paint in the darkest parts in black..

I add color using transparent washes some places and more opaquely in others. I tend to add the opaque watercolors in places where I want to “lift” the blacks up…

Almost ready with a few minor adjustments still needed

All ready and framed!

I’m also selling a print of the illustration that is a bit different than the original. I just felt like it should be different  because I wanted the original to really be his own painting. I like both versions though, and the print fits nicely into an 8×10″ frame. You can buy one here.

These are some shots of the print version of the painting…


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  1. Mike Schultz Paintings says:

    This is great work!

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