Illustration Friday- ZOOM


Illustration Friday- ZOOM

For whatever reason, I thought of Rear Window and I wanted to paint Jimmy Stewart with googly eyes. Remember kids, you can never go wrong with googly eyes. Never.


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8 Responses to Illustration Friday- ZOOM

  1. AWESOME! Great illustration depicting one of my favorite films. Well done!

  2. Mark Dawes says:

    Just a great illustration! Succinct, humorous and absolutely spot-on. I love the way that the image of James Stewart in this role is such a part of popular culture that not seeing his face in its entirety and having those “Googly eyes” is both subtle, striking, and yet doesn’t insult the intelligence of the viewer. Beautifully done…. Bravo !

  3. Chelle Hanna says:

    Nice illustration! Instantly knew it was Jimmy from one of my favorite movies…love his eyes.

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