Farewell WordPress

Well, I’ve come to the end of my walk with WordPress. My wife and business manager will be taking over the behind the scenes activities of my blog over at Blogger. Honestly, I don’t post enough when left to my own devices, so this move will actually help in terms of content creation.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 6.11.34 AM

So go and follow my new blog over at www.itsbillmain.blogspot.com and keep in touch!


About bill main

I moved my blog to itsbillmain.blogspot.com
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7 Responses to Farewell WordPress

  1. Mike Schultz Paintings says:

    I reluctantly “liked” this post because you make great work and it’s easy to follow your progress on wordpress– but hopefully the change in hosting sites and helping from team Main work better for you! Is it difficult to comment on a Blogger site if you do not have a site with them as well? Happy drawing to you.

    • Mike Schultz Paintings says:

      Also, I might add that your new site looks really sleek! Well done.

    • bill main says:

      Mike, thank you so much for your continued support and kind words. I really do always appreciate your comments. As for blogger, it’s easy to comment as well- you can just add your website to your comment in one of the provided fields and it goes right through. Thanks again Mike.

      • Mike Schultz Paintings says:

        Sure thing, man. You make great work and it’s been really fun seeing what you come up with.

        I just went down the dead wrestler website rabbit hole. It seems that most of those guys were barely 40 when the kicked the bucket, right? All those weird dudes I used to worship as a kid like Macho Man Randy Savage. At the time I thought, “This guy is very stylish!”

        I just subscribed to your new blog and look forward to seeing more. : )

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