Dumbo flies again

Oh hello again. It’s nice to see you.

Today I’m going to tell you a little story about lunch break art made for your wife. Well, not YOUR wife…my wife. Lunch break art that I made for MY wife. Ok then.

A couple of days ago I was working at Trader Joe’s painting a sign. It was a “value sign” if you must know. A value sign stresses, you guessed it, value. Well anyway, there I was making this lovely value sign when around the corner comes my lunch break. On most lunch breaks I take my time and savor the food that my wife makes for me but this day  was different. I had it in my mind to make something special for her instead. You see, she’s always cooking delicious gourmet meals, cleaning up after me and my sloppiness and generally being a pretty good dude…er lady. Well, I had some scraps of wood from work that were already heading to the dumpster so I allocated them and my handy Black and Decker jigsaw…oh yeah we go all out…Black and Decker. Anyway, I drew up and cut out a little illustration for her.

My wife’s favorite Disney movie from her childhood is Dumbo. Although she gets really depressed and teary when Dumbo’s mom has to rock him to sleep from her tiny, cramped wagon. She was a mad elephant if your remember.

So, I wanted to make her something that was Dumbo but done in a style I like to work in. So I painted up the little realistic-ish Dumbo along with his faithful pal Timothy the mouse and brought it home to her.

It was cool because I usually don’t think too far in advance about where things are going to go or really there final destination at all…but she knew right where to put him.

So now Dumbo and Timothy are proudly holding up the cute flag banner that our good friend made for us. Here are a couple cell phone process pics and some awesomely bad final pics of Dumbo and Timothy.

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2 Responses to Dumbo flies again

  1. Chris says:

    This is awesome, Bill!

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